By using the way of the invention both economic and significant ecological benefits are obtained. Necessary protein hydrolysates possessing a surfactant framework similar to regarding prevent copolymers are in comparison thereto quickly biodegradable and is produced with low power consumption from renewable normal resources. Similar to surfactant systems protein hydrolysates are usually capable of lowering typically the surface tension of the liquid or the interfacial tension between two levels and to enable or perhaps assist in the formation of dispersions. They usually are available in very large amounts as a raw materials base and can become converted in protein hydrolysates by hydrolysis. Surprisingly that has been found of which protein hydrolysates are suitable as dispersants for typically the production of dispersions.

The method based on claim 9, wherein the protein hydrolysate is used as a wetting agent inside a composition for cleansing vehicle wheel rims. The method according to state 9, wherein the proteins hydrolysate is used because a dispersant in a pigment-containing dispersion. The strategy according to claim 9, wherein the protein hydrolysate is really a keratin hydrolysate.

The method in accordance with declare 1, wherein water, an aqueous solution or perhaps a hydrophobic solvent is provided as a dispersion medium. ACTIVE ELEMENT AND BATTERY AND ALSO METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF Multi component managed release system for dental care, foods, nutraceutical, and beverages.

According to a additional embodiment of the approach according to the innovation a solid or water phase immiscible in the provided dispersant is supplied as the disperse period. In one embodiment of the method according to typically the invention water, an aqueous solution or perhaps a hydrophobic solvent is provided as a new dispersant.

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Therefore, it is an object associated with the present invention in order to provide an alternative technique for producing a dispersion. seventeen, 2012, and published inside German as WO 2013/041492 A1 on Mar. Typically the method according to state 12, wherein the pigment-containing dispersion is a distribution paint, a dispersion varnish, or an oil based pigment-containing dispersion. The method according to claim seven, wherein titanium dioxide and zinc oxide is provided as a disperse stage.

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The approach according to claim 9, in which the protein underlying the particular protein hydrolysate comprises the consecutive sequence of amino acids with polar and nonpolar side groups. A new method of dispersing a new disperse phase, comprising calling the disperse phase using a protein hydrolysate, wherein the protein hydrolysate is a dispersant, wetting agent, flotation aid and/or washing-active part inside a detergent. The method according to claim one, wherein a keratin hydrolysate is provided like a necessary protein hydrolysate. The method based on claim 1, wherein the hydrolysate of a proteins using a consecutive sequence regarding amino acids with polar in addition to nonpolar side groups is usually provided as the proteins hydrolysate.

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In particular, the use of the protein hydrolysates described above as cleaning active components of detergents results in immense ecological plus economic benefits. Surprisingly this has been found that protein hydrolysates besides their own use as dispersants could also be used since wetting agent, flotation real estate agent and/or washing active components of detergents due to their surface-active properties. The dispersant may be used in typically the method based on the present invention in a concentration among ≧1 wt. Insofar, the method according to the invention would work to create both suspensions and emulsions.

lemon juice test for stomach acid
lemon juice test for stomach acid

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