Manuel WEHOWSKI Inventions, Patents plus Patent Applications

Military engagement on the African continent

Hirata, Takamasa; to TOSHIBA MEMORY CORPORATION Data storage space device that stabilizes create latency 10303371 Cl. G06F 3/0611. Hirase, Takeshi; to ROUGH KABUSHIKI KAISHA Electroluminescent gadget and method for generating same 10305058 Cl. H01L 51/5036. Hiramatsu, Shinobu; Uehiro, Katsutake; Orita, Masanori; and Fukuda, Kimikazu, to KAO ORGANIZATION Method for producing hydrogel particles 10299995 Cl. A61K 8/042.

Hashizume, Jun; in order to SONY CORPORATION Continuous output of frames with continuous frame speed 10306159 Cl. H04N 5/343. Hasegawa, Maki; and Shiraishi, Takuya, to Mitsubishi Electric power Corporation Semiconductor module 10305411 Cl. H02P 27/06. Hasan, Masum Z.; Cheong, Elaine; plus Morrow, Monique Jeanne, in order to Cisco Technology, Inc.

Hughes, Thomas; Houssais, Alain; and Granseigne, Laurent, to PARKER HANNIFIN DEVELOPING FRANCE SAS Equipment including at least one hydropneumatic accumulator with automated servicing 10302255 Cl. F17D 1/00. Procedures and systems for securely executing untrusted software 10303885 Cl. G06F 21/575.

Hillier, Katayoun; plus Hillier, Peter, to Mitel Networks Corporation Method in addition to system for providing caller information 10306042 Cl. H04M 1/578. Hill, Terry E.; Cabrera, Robert E.; and Reaser, Greg K., to Johnson Control Technology Company Intake drain system and approach 10302311 Cl. F24D 5/04. Hill, Matthew L.; Kender, Steve R.; Natsev, Apostol I.; Smith, John R.; and Xie, Lexing, to WORLD BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION Aesthetic meme tracking for sociable media analysis 10303801 Cl. G06F 17/3079. Hershman, Ziv; plus Morav, Dan, to Nuvoton Technology Corporation Security gadget having indirect access to external non-volatile memory 10303880 Cl. G06F 21/57.

  • Light-emitting device, package deal including the same, in addition to method of manufacturing the same 10305003 Cl. H01L 33/486.
  • Hada, Keita; to FANUC CORPORATION Wire electric discharge machine 10300543 Cl. B23H 7/20.
  • Hyde, Roderick The.; Ishikawa, Muriel Y.; Myhrvold, Nathan P.; Tegreene, Clarence T.; Whitmer, Charles; plus Wood, Jr., Lowell T., to DEEP SCIENCE, LLC Connectible nanotube circuit 10304733 Cl. H01L 21/76877.
  • Hoover, Joshua A new.; Franklin, Jeremy C.; Burns, Chad J.; Marbury, Candace A.; Williamson, Heidi; Tom, Kristine S.; and Velez, Michael B., to Apple Inc.
  • An identical Bloemenwerf chair from the Klassik Gabe Weimar and the pair of six-armed candelabras from the Cinquantenaire featured in the anniversary exhibitions in Weimar and Brussels.
  • Moreover, he has been Artistic Director of the International Concerts Wolfegg within Germany for more compared to 20 years.

43, Erfurt: Ein Universalmuseum für Erfurt: Room together with inventory cards of gets results seized as “degenerate” through Angermuseum on August 28, 1937. 40, Erfurt: Dieses Universalmuseum für Erfurt: Front-end, color model (two times the size regarding white copy), 2012.

Halvorson, Michael Charles; to be able to ADP GAUSELMANN GMBH Gaming system and method which includes interleaved reels 10304280 Craigslist. G07F 17/3213. Halloran, Kevin David; and Halloran, Michael, to Lan, Alex Accessory connection for ladders 10301874 Cl. E06C 7/143. Method and equipment for transmitting and getting data based on the measurement gap in a new wireless communication system 10305644 Cl. H04L 5/0007.

Hetzler, Jochen; plus Goehnermeier, Aksel, to Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH Discharge exposure tool for microlithography and method for microlithographic imaging 10303068 Cl. G03F 9/7003. KG Laser cutting device and method for slicing workpieces of different thicknesses 10300555 Cl. B23K 26/064.

According to Stanford Anderson’s list associated with Behrens’s 218 projects, a new little over sixty per cent were built; see Peter Behrens (2000; as in take note, 323–71. For a picture consumed in Turin of 1 leather panel in typically the Erfurt show (cat. A lithographed version in the Liebermann oil portrait was the frontispiece for the monograph simply by Fritz Hoeber, Peter Behrens (Munich: Müller und Rentsch,.

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