Indigestion: Symptoms, Causes, Remedies, and Treatment

I just started the Paleo diet to reverse my autoimmune diseases – gastritis and Hashimotos. Hi Greg, please test thoroughly your HCL here alongside consulting with your physician.

I have already been to the physician and he put me on pantoprazole after using it for2 months and no sign of releief at all i shifted to nexium and it didnt help at all. When taking with a good protein meal the hcl was much better and produced a lot less burn.

I tried going for a Thorne Biogest with the protein shake one morning but that made my stomach hurt for a few minutes. with my major meals (lunch and dinner) and also a digestive enzyme. Hi Anna, it sounds like you need to consult a trusted functional medicine practitioner to help oversee your wellbeing issues. However I’ve had high amylase/lipase enzymes (blood work) since at least 2003 when the bloating started (from perimenopause). Hi Michelle, is appears like you have to heal your gut with the SCD diet or something similar.

Hi Sameel – yes, young people can have low gastric acid. I think the low stomach acid hypothesis could be explained by a hernia disrupting normal digestion in the stomach…large meals or distended stomachs may be too dilute to cope with that amount of food. I’m around 6 pills of Betaine HCL 648mg with 150 of pepsin) & most of the time with 6 pills Personally i think nothing.

Here’s how this triathlete keeps up her marathon lifestyle, even when her stomach is tied up in knots. As though IBS weren’t enough to control, certain medical ailments can make your symptoms worse. A Nobel Prize winner is rolling out a tool that listens to your guts to detect IBS. Should you have irritable bowel syndrome, flare-ups can happen anytime, making social situations stressful.

(Before the binge drinking incident I was experiencing burping -but no bloating) HI Kelly, we suggest scanning this article from our friend Chris Kresser:

Just recently I returned to the physician when i was experiencing a rise in heartburn. The physician didn’t desire to admit there is a problem so he ignored it until I became a pain in the neck.

However, I still rely on antispasmodic medication and heating pads for my bad IBS days.” The IBS has improved a lot since i have began taking a medication for my anxiety.

AM I GOING TO get severe reflux pain while I find the correct dose of HCL? Hi Kaitlin – predicated on what you’ve described, it appears like you could definitely be experiencing low gastric acid. But it finally went to next level with acid reflux disorder coming up in my mouth. We explain exactly how to pick one and how to use it here:

Take this kidney disease quiz to test your knowledge and learn the outward symptoms, causes and types of kidney disease and what foods to eat and avoid! Endoscopy procedure is performed on an individual to look at the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum; to check out factors behind symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, or intestinal bleeding. Treatment for type 1 diabetes is insulin, and treatment for type 2 diabetes are lifestyle changes like eating a healthy diet plan, getting exercise daily, and if necessary, diabetes medications. Find out the potential causes of pain in the abdomen and learn when you should see a doctor. Abdominal Pain PicturesAbdominal pain is a symptom of many possible conditions including appendicitis, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, and other conditions.

There doesn’t to be any type of “internet search engine” for Betaine HCl products where you can search by physical pill size. Is there any form of Betaine HCl that comes in that size?

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