IBS AND GERD: I Have Both! Now What?

I’m 38 now. Two yrs ago I had an accident where a tree hit me. It broke my left hip and tailbone and shattered my right hip and pelvis.

But even accurate information can be subject to interpretation and wrong conclusions can be drawn. Never self-diagnose an illness that may be as serious and life-altering as IBS.

Traveling has become an issue, I panic when I’m on the bus or a long train journey, especially if there isn’t a toilet that I can use, the panic onsets the need to use the toilet and the memory of the hard shoulder incident makes it a lot worse. Ongoing, my IBS symptoms occur about midday when I have one to two bouts (four on bad days) of urgent diarrhea and the rest of the day I’m okay except for nearly constant bloating. Sometimes I can go for a week with no problem.

Stress will make matters worse, but even if I take that component out of the equation – I think that only reflects 20% of the problem. I have to rush to the bathroom (for any kind of bowel movement) on average every other day, with the off days feeling like my stomach is very tight (gurgling, bloating, but no pain). I have come to the point where I don’t even want to eat because I just don’t want to deal with the discomfort and I don’t want to live on simethicone for the rest of my life. I just wish that someone could fix this.

I think it may be from stress as my mom has been pushing me to get a job and get into college as soon as I can. I don’t even feel comfortable leaving the house let alone having to go to class or work everyday.

When I have to go, there is no holding it. So embarrassing.

There are also various treatments which can be considered for functional dyspepsia. In addition, individuals with nausea can also be treated in general with anti-nausea medications such as prochlorperazine (e.g., Compazine, Compro). You’ll have many foods you can eat on this diet, but there’s a steep learning curve about which foods are high in FODMAPs and what you could choose instead.

And then because I was anxious and stressed, my stomach would react and I would have diarrhea, the one thing I feared happening. I have been suffering from IBS-diarrhea for a little over seven years now. When I was in high school I always had a sensitive stomach, but figured it was nothing and that I just needed to be more selective about what I was eating. That was until I started college and the ‘episodes’ would occur at least 4 days a week, several times a day. I would be embarrassed to go to classes because halfway through a lecture, I would need to get up and make a run for the restroom.

I am quite tired, always have a bloated stomach, and also pain. I can relate with the others about being alone in this. Many other disorders can affect the digestive tract. Some can have symptoms that may be similar to or overlap with gastrointestinal functional or motility disorders. These will have uniquely identifying features which differentiate them from functional GI or motility disorders.


On top of that I have an issue with using public restrooms; something I’ve had issue with my whole life. Furthermore when I have a BM I’m usually in the can a good hour to hour and a half. I don’t want to tie up a public restroom that amount of time, I won’t even do it at family/friend’s home. Even worse, is I have the anxiety that many seem to have along with IBS, but for me I have to shower after a BM.

I started having gas and indigestion problems soon after high school graduation (1959). I remember being at a formal dance and I had awful gas cramps. I was wearing a tight fitting formal dress and all I wanted to do was go home and get out of that dress.

Here we are AGAIN, a few months later, Feb 2017 and slowly the symptoms are creeping back about twice a week. He never feels well and wants to nap a lot. Well today he vomited as he got to school and I had to go pick him up!!

What is the treatment for IBS?

Now I bloat as if I were 9 months pregnant. How do you explain that to people? I own my business, and I had to give up a lot of working hours to others.

Diet has not had a very noticeable impact. I would like to try the antibiotic Rifaximin but the prescription was $800.00. It is frustrating and I believe I need to reduce my stress in order to see some relief – easier said than done. Working can be extremely embarrassing, especially because after eating my stomach makes noise and I get very bloated, and usually will have a BM shortly after.

Diet helps me too, but who wants to eat cardboard for the rest of their lives? I find that with the psyllium fiber, I can pretty much eat what I want, except for foods that I KNOW will still trigger an attack. This condition has made me depressed and aloof, when I used to be so happy and outgoing.

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