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Mark, you need to read the text of this post again; it mentions IRANIAN islands in the Persian Gulf, and identifying the three islands as the most important of those islands. You objection of why we have said these Iranian islands are controlled by Iran is not well founded. Iran has other territories that it does not control at the present time.

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BTW, as Mark correctly pointed out, IRIN and IRGC are just restructuring their force deployment posture to meet any future contingencies in the wider Persian Gulf region and Sea of Oman, both Iranian waters. In professional militaries it is called operational planning and nothing to freak out about. Iran’s sovereignty over Abu Musa and Greater and Lesser Tunb are disputed by UAE but Iran’s sovereignty over this territory has not been challenged successfully at the UNSC (as is the case with Israel and the occupied territories) or otherwise.

Back to your point, I didn’t say that Iran should put their small boat in the Oman sea. In case of war, Iran’s sovereignty of those islands may no longer exist and a successful challenge of same will have be demonstrated outside the realm of diplomacy. A first glance it looks like, in case of war, the Iran’s regular navy, with its larger more vulnerable ships, will be left to fend for itself far from Iran’s land based defenses.

Iran Creates New Naval Command for Persian Gulf Islands

No army can stand in the way of a determined uprising.If the army decides to join the people,the IRGC wont stand a chance. The regular army and navy should arrest the regime commanders and join the people in the overthrow of the filthy theocracy. Iran’s “scientific achievement” amounts to nothing when people haven’t got bread to put on their table. This obscure blog mostly expresses the fanatasies of pre-1979 exiled fosssils and recent ignoramuses like Fezeli who has no grasp of reality let alone military affairs.

Actually, a recent review of global scientific achievements puts Iran at par with the Zionist entity, not bad for a nation under embargo for over 33 years and all the ill-wishes of its enemies. I would hope (in vain perhaps)that the owners of this pathetic Debka like blog and their masters would get over the fact that the Islamic Republic has over 90% support and is here is stay.

So merely identifying such as “control” is probably not the appropriate term to describe Iran’s possession of these islands. for the sea of Oman area operations while the IRGC navy is responsible for the Persian gulf operations.

Perhaps, with the exception of Mark Pyruz, the rest of the bloggers are a joke par excellence. The FACT is that Iran is progressing quite well despite all the US/Zionist efforts to undermine its independence.

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